Tooro Botanical Gardens is Uganda’s living museum, where biodiversity is understood, valued and conserved. Founded in 2001 as a centre of excellence in plant research, Conservation, Education and Recreation. TBG is distinguished by the beauty of its diverse landscape and extensive collections and gardens, as well as by the scope and excellence of its multidisciplinary exhibitions and programs.


The Garden is a habitat to over 130 Bird Species including the Ross Turraco and the Palmnut Vulture.

TBG has over 500 herbs  most of which are medicinal like the Centela asiatica

We offer over 150 indigenous tree species and a few selected exotic tree species on site.

We have 11 Gardens with different plant collections where you learn about different plant species and their uses.

TBG has beautiful Gardens that can spice up your functions as you encounter with Nature

TBG offers conference facilities guaranteed to make your meeting experience pleasurable and comfortable.

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botanical waters

- Oscar Gerber

Lovely atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable guide! Would definitely recommend you to stop by when in town!

botanical waters

John gave my friends and I a great tour here and we loved it. I recommend going around 5pm for the great sunlight!

- Joshua A.

botanical waters

A wonderful place to visit.
Very interesting to discover all the Wonder of Ugandan trees and plants

- Pierre Tbf

botanical waters

Very beautiful garden , a lot to learn from there

- Patrick T

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