Discover the famous TBG Arboretum, a 50 acre green sanctuary nestled high on the hills of Njara, founded to display and conserve the flora of the region and beyond.With more than 50% of all indigenous tree species in Uganda, the arboretum is the largest ex-situ conservation undertaking in the country and continues to serve as a gene pool for conservation of biodiversity.

Our tree and shrub species have been collected from nearby Kibaale forests and other forests from all over East Africa to create a reputable array of both common and rare specimens. Over sixty bird species have also found a niche habitat specifically at the Arboretum adding to our rich fauna in the gardens.

The Arboretum continues to serve local communities, students and researchers as a resource center for horticulture and conservation making it one of the national top touristic flora destinations. By the end of 2020, we aim to have all tree and shrub species of Uganda represented in the arboretum as part of our millennium goals.

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