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Join & Support

Over time the management of TBG has observed rampant deforestation and destruction of natural resources in both natural and plantation forests. This is majorly as a result of rapid population growth leading to a high demand for settlement, agriculture, fire wood, charcoal, construction material and other services that forests provide.

Furthermore, some communities are not yet aware of the importance of afforestation and conservation practices. ‘’Those who are aware tend to connive with some politicians for protection against their mismanagement practices especially on encroachment of protected areas.

Therefore, TBG engages the local community members through offering employment opportunities in the garden. Agroforestry in the early years of restoration, installing beehives after the trees reach sufficient size, planting passion fruits.

They are also allowed to harvest non-timber forest products such as Herbal medicine, Dye plants, collecting firewood, mushrooms, eco-tourism etcetera which are monitored by management for sustainability and control overharvesting

In addition, the local community members are given employment opportunities with in different garden projects so that they can also appreciate and jointly contribute to conservation efforts of the organization.

TBG provides ready market for food products, handmade crafts to the local communities’ adjacent to the Gardens.

TBG provides avenues through which the people benefit from the different programs such trainings, internships, volunteering and career development as regards conservation.