Herbs and Spices

Africa has a rich history of collection and use of wild and aromatic plants by indigenous people. Today, the demand for herbal medicine plant products has increased due to the resurgence of alternative medicinal practice. This mainly consists of privately owned companies with the vast majority involved in the collection and trade of wild medicinal plant raw materials.

TBG has perfected the cultivation, processing and sale of medicinal plant products with a fully equipped production unit. We are involved in producing value added products such as dietetic, cosmetic and herbal medicinal applications all done according to standards of organic production. All materials are cultivated on site by our specialists. A large number of these are cultivated within the gardens and can be purchased at TBG herbal shop. These are produced from species like Artemisia annua, Prunus africana, Justicia adhatoda, Warbugia ugandensis, Ocimum basilicum, Mentha spp, Echinacea purpurea and hibiscus sabdariffa among others.

Prunus africana is used to cure prostate cancer, importance in men and kidney disorders

Quantity produced ranges from 50g to over 100kg depending on the plant variety and client demands. Processing methods are both manual and mechanical. Currently we sale all the production on domestic market and we are expanding our operations with the growing demand for our products.

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