The vegetable garden



The vegetable garden at TBG covers about one and a half acres and serves to help in recovery of the soils that were not rich enough to support some of the fruits in the edible plant garden. It is located in the northern wing of the gardens and is segmented into different smaller plots for different crops to be grown. However some plots have been specifically set up to showcase the different types of vegetable cultivation like intercropping, crop rotation and planting in raised gardens for educational purposes.





The garden has deep well drained fertile soils which have supported the growth of numerous indigenous vegetables. Some of the vegetables planted include; Amaranthus spp, cassava, Capsicum spp, Dioscorea spp, enjagi, obugora , eggplants, cabbages, spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, collards, lettuce among others.









The garden produce is harvested on demand, part of which is channelled for staff use while the rest is used to generate extra income. With such a capacity, it is no doubt that the vegetable garden is a self-sustaining venture and TBG together with its partners will continue to support its existence.







For tips on setting up a vegetable garden visit the following link

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