Uganda’s rain forests contain different indigenous tree species with which Tooro Botanical Gardens has established an arboretum with unique collections to display the beauty and diversity and conserve the Flora and Fauna of the region and beyond.

Seeds and vegetative planting materials are collected from the nearby primary forests, community forests and the TBG mature stands, East Africa and beyond, raised in our Propagation unit and planted in the Gardens. This is the biggest ex-situ conservation undertakings in the country. It has served and will continue to serve as a gene pool to conserve regional and national biodiversity, but also provide education materials for local community, students and researchers as most of the species are rare in the remaining forest reserves.

By the year ending 2020,over 1,000 indigenous tree and shrub species had already been planted in the gardens. Every tree planted here is a source of knowledge, helping us conserve the habitats of beloved native trees and protect some of the Uganda’s most fascinating species at risk from deforestation and creating a home of over one hundred bird species which enjoy the comfort of the trees and abundant food their in. In the next seven years, TBG to have most tree and shrub species of Uganda represented in the 50-acre arboretum.