TBG offers Consultancy in the following areas;

Ecological Restoration

The loss and extinction of different plant species is of serious concern because it leads to a general imbalance in the echo system, deterioration of the quality of life and reduction in the options for rural development.

Tree Nursery Establishment and Management

Plantation Establishment and Managementtraining

Tooro Botanical Gardens set aside a 2 acre garden at its main garden to serve as a practical training Centre for the local community. The center is composed of a food garden, living home pharmacy, fruit trees paved walkways and grass thatched banda in the middle of the center. The banda depicts a traditional Tooro house and is used for training purposed for both the community and school children.

Members of the community are trained on how to conserve the environment and tree planting in order to have a community with vast knowledge  to defend endangered botanical resources.

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