Since 2015, Tooro Botanical Gardens (TBG) has been working with the Ministry of Water and Environment, Kyoga and Albert water management zones on the training of stakeholder groups and beneficiary community members in nursery bed preparations and management for both local and improved tree varieties and forestation of selected hotspot areas using local and improved tree species. In the Albert water management Zone, over 2,380,000 tree seedlings were produced and 2,467 community members trained in ecological Restoration.

In the Kyoga water management Zone, Tororo and Katakwi districts, four tree nurseries were established, over 943,000 tree seedlings produced and 422 community members trained in ecological Restoration.

In all the above locations other Key achievements included; ecological restoration, leadership sensitization meetings, nursery establishment and maintenance, Training for community beneficiary groups in principles and practices of tree nursery establishment, records and bookkeeping, the establishment of marketing systems, business and financial management, provision of water and security of the tree nursery, distribution of nursery materials, tools and equipment.