Study Tours

Tooro botanical gardens provides an insight to some of the vegetation types found in Uganda. This has encouraged continued engagement of the young generations in conservation of environment at the same time helping them link their curriculum especially in areas like vegetation of Uganda, Responsible living in the environment, classification of plants, and managing changes in the environment.

As the students are taken around the gardens they become aware of the diversity of plants and important roles they play. These have been found applicable in subjects like integrated science, mathematics and social studies while students from secondary and higher institutions find it applicable in Agriculture, Biology, Geography Chemistry, Forestry, Tourism and Ethno-botany respectively.

The young are taken to different demonstration gardens like the edible plant garden, mother gardens, medicinal plant garden, research arboretum and the plant nurseries for the better understanding of the vegetation. While in the field students or pupils are able to see different insects like the Millipede, Red safari ants, Caterpillars, Chameleon and other micro-living organisms found in the soil which help them to relate to what they study in class.

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