The medicinal plant demonstration garden has existed in the Tooro Botanical Gardens since 2004 and has already proven popular with many Tooro Botanical Garden visitors. An improved, indigenous-focused, educational based medicinal plant garden has a natural appeal for traditional Ugandan healers, herbalists,trainers, botany students, doctors, farmers, scientific researchers, foresters,university students, herbaria academics, secondary and primary school students and Ugandan commercial entrepreneurs. To these audiences, Tooro Botanical Garden has made the indigenous medicinal plant garden a usable out door classroom and workshop and study area. Additionally, for our foreign visitors, eco tourists, dignitaries and community visitors, the garden has the highest standards of aesthetics that is considered a beauty spot worthy to visit.

The garden consists of more than 300 plant species (including herbaceous, shrubs and trees) that have medicinal properties and appropriate for growing in the Albertine region. The distinctive, attractive, one-acre Ugandan indigenous medicinal plant garden is well labeled and planted with known provenance;properly recorded and documented plants of the Albertine Rift including those plants of the savannas (highlands and the semi-arid habitats), afro-montane habitats and wetlands. Easy interpretive and instructional graphics for all medicinal plants are in place and our experienced guides take you through  the past and present medicinal products, howto identify medicinal plants, how to understand the parts of the plants used,the research qualifications of the products effectiveness  geographic centers of origin, the status of the plants in the wild, sustainable utilization and harvesting of these plants for example how to extract key ingredients from the plants  and how to secure sources of seeds or plants for home gardens. The garden is a stopover activity for foreign tourists in transit to national parks and wildlife reserves and sanctuaries and Ugandan dignitaries in fort portal for conferences.

Succulent Plants- Aloevera

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